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ABOUT US is a Business Email Hosting Service, developed by gnuTechnologies, that understands the importance and complexity of Business Email Hosting Services for Small Businesses in the Twenty-First Century. The goal of is to provide a "Big Business" Email Hosting Service at a "Small Business" price. realizes that many Small Businesses do not have the experience or means to provide themselves with a Personalized Email Hosting Service that makes use of the many specialized email services afforded to most Big Businesses. is able to offer such services for several reasons, most importantly, because of the technology behind, our skilled professionals whose focus is email hosting, and our customers who make it affordable for us through economies of scale.

While we know that there are other Personalized Email Hosting Services available, we are confident you will find's commitment and focus to Small Business Email Hosting to be among the best in the industry.

Now, forget the past when you were forced to put up with outrageous setup costs, annoying advertisements, impersonalized email addresses, untrained email support staff, and your personal information becoming the next best commodity.

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