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The initial step in preparing to sign-up for a account is to determine which of our several packages is right for you. Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, and Evolution are all supported e-mail clients and a list of included standard services is provided below.

Personal Package
5 E-Mail Addresses
25MB Total Shared Space
Home Business
10 E-Mail Addresses
50MB Total Shared Space
Small Business
25 E-Mail Addresses
125MB Total Shared Space
Mid-Size Business
50 E-Mail Addresses
250MB Total Shared Space
Custom Package
(Contact Us)
Custom # E-Mail Addresses
Custom # Total Shared Space
Backup Mail Exchange
(Contact Us)
Secondary Mail Server for Businesses with an existing (Primary) Mail Server that desire a Redundant Backup.

INCLUDED: Standard Services
POP3/IMAP Access
Personal Address Book
WebMail (Multi-Lingual)
Mailing Lists (Basic)
Control Panel
Custom Filters
Self-Managed DNS
Optional Sub-Domain
Specialized E-Mail Support


For those who require special e-mail services, we have several additional options you may choose from.

Additional E-Mail Addresses
Additional Domains
Managed DNS Hosting
Remote Address Book
Secure Local Access (SSL/TLS)
$10.00/Month/10 Addresses


The final step is to determine which personalized domain (i.e., @yourbusiness.tld) you would like to associate with your account. If you have an existing domain or prefer a sub-domain, please go directly to the sign-up form.

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price * years 1 yr 2 yrs 3 yrs 5 yrs 10 yrs
.com .net .org $16.95 $16.75 $16.50 $16.25 $15.95
.biz .info $22.95 $17.75 $17.50 $17.25 $16.95
.ws $24.95 $22.75 $22.50 $22.25 $21.95
.us $14.95 $14.75 $14.50 $14.25 $13.95

A personalized domain can be:

  1. A domain registered in your behalf and in your name by

  2. A domain you already own and will associate the mail exchange properties of the domain with your account.

  3. A domain you will self-register and subsequently associate the mail exchange properties of the domain with your account.

  4. A sub-domain (i.e., you can associate, with no domain registration fees, to your account.

The domain names listed above are the only top level domains currently support by for assisted registration. All other domain names must be self-registered for use with

* All domain name registration fees are final and non-refundable.